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The Diary of a Gentleman

or the reference book for a new hedonism

Lord Henry Wotton
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I really am shocking at this whole biography lark. Don't get me wrong, I am one of my favourite topics of conversation but I really don't find this the best place for releasing the full wrath of my wit. Every word I utter is an epigram in the making.

What can I say about myself? I have lived in London for all of my adult life and would hate to live anywhere else.

My favourite pasttime? Art. All art in general. Discussing, critising, observing but never creating. I do tend to mould people though, just ask my wife. Or rather, don't. You'll never get her to shut up again. My favourite piece of art lies in the beauty of my eternal friend, Mister Gray. You should come to one of my aunt's dinner parties and meet him some day.

My overall appearence is one of a giant mint flavoured matchmaker.

This journal is an RP for theatrical_muse. Lord Henry Wotton is the creation of the wonderful Oscar Wilde from his book The Picture of Dorian Gray. He's currently running his uncle's gentleman's club, coronationarms. Harry is open to all invites to tea.